Our Vision

At Teaching Tolerance, we support educators who embrace and embed anti-bias principles throughout their schools. To demonstrate our support, we are pleased to announce a new project: The Teaching Tolerance Educator Grants. These grants, ranging from $500-$10,000, will further our mission by supporting projects that promote affirming school climates and educate youth to thrive in a diverse democracy.

Teaching Tolerance grants will fund three different types of projects: classroom-level, school-level and district-level. At the classroom level, teachers will use the grants to fund programming that promotes empathy and kindness, positive identity development, perspective taking, critical thinking about injustice and collective action.  At the school and district levels, leadership teams will use the grants to improve school climate, reduce hate, support culturally responsive practices and implement anti-bias curricula. Whether implemented at the school, classroom or district level, we seek to fund projects that culminate in measurable student outcomes and demonstrable student work. 

Download Educator Grant Guidelines

Application Questions


Please describe your proposed project in 200 words or less. If applying for a classroom grant, please identify the relevant grade level in your response.

What school or classroom need does this project meet?

What are the desired outcomes for this project?

How is this project relevant to students’ lives?

How has school leadership expressed support for this project? Include names and titles where appropriate.

How will you assess the project's success? Please include qualitative and quantitative measures.

We would like to be able to tell the story of your project. What narratives, pictures, video or other evidence will you provide upon completion?

How will you sustain this project over time?

Please state how your project connects to the four domains of the Social Justice Standards and our program’s vision, both summarized below. In addition, please note if you plan to use other anti-bias curriculum, programs or frameworks.



Teaching Tolerance